About Us

Our Values Statement

We are establishing a Multi Academy Trust built on strong core values, to drive rapid and sustainable school improvement so that each school is supported and engaged in raising standards, achievement and ambition for all, underpinned by cooperative and wider values. School individualities will be valued and preserved, yet they will feel part of a community with a shared vision, mission and goals.


All children are supported to achieve their best.

  • A local Bristol based MAT, built on a principle of equality and equity, where each individual school is known and well understood. Working alongside and in close
    collaboration with other local providers, MATs, LA, special schools, colleges and universities to improve outcomes for young people in Bristol and become a centre of excellence for diverse educational provision.
  • A MAT where the community and all partners have a clear voice in the development of the MAT and their respective schools.
  • A MAT connected to regional and national support networks, which broadens horizons, opportunities and support.


All children and partners are inspired to:

  • Develop a passion for lifelong learning.
  • Build ambition, confidence and aspiration.
  • Foster a sense of resilience and perseverance.
  • Make a positive contribution to society.
  • Feel part of a collaborative and supportive network of schools and partners.
  • Share best practice and innovation to strengthen the network.
  • Promote pride and respect for each other’s individual identity to allow each school to serve their diverse range of communities.

Our Commitment

We are committed as a MAT for working together to achieve:

  • School improvement and the best outcomes for our young people both academically and in terms of personal and emotional well-being.
  • Develop highly skilled, well trained and motivated staff.
  • Coordinated operational and support services.
  • Sharing resources to ensure best value for money.
  • Developing high quality and coordinated enrichment opportunities across the MAT.
  • Growing and consolidating links with existing and new partners that improve the quality of provision and support we offer our young people and the community.