School Improvement Strategy

GGLT will create a team of system leaders who raise ambition, expectations, quality of education and standards in all schools for all children and young people in the Trust so it is a beacon of excellence locally and nationally. Gatehouse Green Learning Trust school improvement will be transformational and sustainable. We will invest in our staff to enable them to deliver this.

Guiding principles

  • “The core function of a multi academy trust is to raise standards and then sustain them” (D. Carter). All schools are on an improvement journey, with areas of development needed. Therefore, we will provide a bespoke and graduated approach to staff development and school improvement.
  • Members of the school improvement team  will have the required knowledge, experience and expertise; we will invest in our staff to train  them and provide time to carry this out.
  • Our school improvement strategy is honest, transparent and fair and must be based on evidence of what works in school improvement.
  • The strategy will have the flexibility to respond to each school’s individual contexts and needs rapidly when leaders identify priorities for improvement.  

In practice
The School Improvement team, consisting of members of staff from different schools, will carry out curriculum reviews alongside phase and subject leaders.  These will follow a robust procedure engaging teachers and students in the process.

The outcome of this one or two-day process is a focussed action plan for improvement which will lead to raising standards and positive outcomes for students.

The School Improvement team will provide bespoke support to implement the plan.

There will be regular reviews of the pace and quality of impact after a maximum of six months and a full review after one year.