GGLT Art competition


Tracy Barnes

1st Place

I love to knit and used it as a way to help me during the lockdown as well as having something to occupy my time whilst we were at home. I was missing the children from my current year 2 class so much and had the idea to knit them. I bought the pattern and continued to make them after going back to work in the bubble. I included the year 2 teacher and myself so that we have a full class. I personalised them to include their little quirks that they have, favourite things, hair colour and styles and glasses.


Cherry Kraus 

2nd Place

One highlight of lockdown was finally being able to get out on my paddleboard on the sea. Seeing all the beautiful jellyfish was an incentive NOT to fall in and to sit on the beach and paint some sea creatures (even if the lobster is a cooked one)!!!


Janine Lonsdale

3rd Place

I decided to paint in lockdown, but needed a little guidance so tried a paint by numbers, although that sounds easy, it was a complex piece, and I considered this as homeschooling for myself whilst in lockdown and also my therapy!!


George Farrell
One of the nice things about lockdown is having been able to spend a bit more time with my chickens. During this I've been encouraging them to eat from hand, which they previously had not been happy to at all. But now even as I'm back in the office they're more than happy to be fed!


Kylie Nott
I was lucky enough to have this dragonfly visitor land in my garden during lockdown. My neighbour informs me it's a migrant hawker.


Hannah Layne
I had moved a few weeks before lockdown to what was supposed to be a temporary address so all my knitting yarn, dress fabric and main craft supplies were (and still are!) stuck in storage. Luckily I'd packed my cross stitch and a bag of half-finished projects started in Workshops at the American Museum in Bath. I've really enjoyed having time to get some of them finished. These are applique projects using Kaffe Fassett fabrics


Sarah Ibbertson
During lockdown I became the family hairdresser!


Sue Burns
During lockdown I created an aquascape from scratch, grew all the plants underwater using CO2, created a mini ecosystem and then bred this Cherry Shrimp which I took a photo of (does this count as lockdown creativity?!)


Sara Berry
My favourite view over Bristol is always the Balloons. Over lockdown they have been missing from the skies and there was no Balloon Fiesta. My own Birthday Balloon flight was also delayed. I hand stitched this from a pattern to cheer myself up!


Jake Wacker
So my girlfriends mum decided to get a free old table to renovate over lockdown. We ended up making a mosaic table top out of smashed tiles in the shape of an Albatross


Annabel Backhurst
The Red Hot Poker reminds me of my Mum and Grans gardening skills- time to try to grow my own!


Frances Bicknell
My maternity leave finished during lockdown but I managed to find time to draw these 2 sketches of her. She turns 1 next week!


Jane Pike
This is a photo of one of my favourite places – the view from the church at Old Sodbury    


Tracey Shelper
This pigeon is "Percy" when lockdown initially happened, Percy visited me every day. He still visits now, even now I'm back at work. He kept me company!


Tamson David
                                     This is a wall hanging that I made over the summer holidays.