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Welcome from the
Gatehouse green CEO

I am delighted to introduce you to Gatehouse Green Learning Trust.

We are a multi-academy trust comprising five schools, all firmly rooted in their communities in Bristol. We have more than 3,500 young people, aged between three and 18, in our care and employ more than 400 staff.   

We are determined to give our students the widest possible range of experiences and opportunities within and beyond the classroom. We aim to provide a safe environment where children can learn, thrive and prepare to go out into the world.

Our vision is to make GGLT the best trust in which to work and to learn. We expect all staff to be strong role models, enriching our community.   

We believe children and adults can gain hugely from collaboration. It is our intention to develop strong relationships and partnerships in our trust, as well as with other schools and groups of schools, for the benefit of all.     

Our door is always open to anyone interested in learning more.

Sarah Baker CEO

Gatehouse Green Member Schools

16th October 2020 

Message from GGLT Executive Leadership


As a Trust of 5 schools, we have been working tirelessly to enable the safe return to school of pupils from September. It continues to be an incredibly challenging time as we respond to an ever changing situation, and adapt our risk control measures accordingly. However, you will be aware that this week there have unfortunately been an increasing number of positive cases of Covid 19 at Redland Green School (RGS), resulting in various courses of action such as temporary year group isolation to allow for deep cleaning, close contact identification and isolation for particular groups of children, and now year 7 being required to self-isolate. This message is intended to acknowledge the concerns of parents, carers, pupils, staff and other members of our school communities, and reassure you all about the proactive way in which our school leaders are responding to the emerging situation, taking into account all the available information and advice, in the best interests of all parties.


Every decision Ms Blundell, RGS Headteacher, has made has explicitly followed specific and customised instructions from PHE South West. As she states in her latest letter to year 7 parents, Ms Blundell had a two hour meeting with the leader of Bristol PHE and the Director of Education and has received updated advice on every new positive case since Wednesday morning. She will continue to follow this guidance which is now related to the needs of students and staff at Redland Green School, rather than generic guidance issued by the government. This would be the case with any of the schools in our Trust, based on their particular circumstances.


Ms Blundell has a further meeting with PHE and the LA today and parents will be updated by letter should the situation change again. The decisions are taken based on levels of risk to all students, and we do understand that there will be an impact on families of these decisions. As a rule of thumb, if there are one or two cases in a school, the risk to other children remains low. As the incidence of cases rise in a school, the risks of children and staff being exposed are increased, which is why PHE changed its guidance for year 7 at RGS.


We politely ask that parents do not directly contact schools to ask for clarification on why decisions have been taken, as school leaders' focus must be on the school's response to any positive cases, rather than answering individual queries. Our Headteachers have the full support of the Trust Executives, Trustees and Members, to lead their schools through these unprecedented times, and the challenges of doing this in a context of ambiguity and uncertainty are fully acknowledged. 


We thank you for patience and understanding at this worrying and difficult time for us all.

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